A community marching band, the P-Jammers, or PJAMRS (Peace and Justice Activist Musical Rascals of Spokane) are part of the international HONK! movement. (See honkfest.org and honkfestwest.com for more info.) As such, membership is open to musicians of all levels and people who want to find a positive way to plug in with an emphasis on fun and doing the right thing. We play at public celebrations, marches and rallies, or just for the heck of it. If you are interested in joining, just reach out to us on our Facebook page!


PJAMRS Official Songbook - 2024 Edition (PDF 40MB; All Songs, All parts)

Marching Songs

01 - Limbo Rock (PDF 1.6MB)
02 - Saints (PDF 1.1MB)
03 - Down By The Riverside (PDF 2.1MB)
04 - This Land Is Your Land (PDF 1.5MB)

Stage Songs

05 - Change Your Evil Ways (PDF 3.9MB)
06 - Bumper to Bumper (PDF 2.3MB)
07 - Bella Ciao (PDF 1.6MB)
08 - Korobeiniki & Katyusha (Tetris Theme) (PDF 2.4MB)
09 - Hallelujah I’m A Bum (PDF 1.5MB)
10 - Yellow Submarine (PDF 2.8MB)
11 - Union Maid (PDF 2.1MB)
12 - We’re Not Gonna Take It (PDF 2.5MB)
13 - You Move Ya Lose (PDF 4.2MB)
14 - African Marketplace (PDF 3.2MB)
15 - Chariots of Fire (PDF 1.4MB)
16 - Hail to the Darth (PDF 1.0MB)
17 - Happy Birthday (PDF 0.7MB)

HONK Songs

18 - Saints in F (PDF 1.2MB)
19 - We Got That Fire (PDF 0.8MB)
20 - Track Suit (PDF 2.9MB)